ViewSonic X10 Projector: Review & Guide (2020)

Want a portable projector with the best quality image? Then there will be no better choice than ViewSonic X10 projector. It features 3840×2160 Ultra HD resolution. This portable projector has a premium design. It has brilliant color accuracy and delivers lifelike colors. Its special safety function detects objects near to the lens and protects your eye from direct light.

Its robust engine is comprised of 2GB memory, 4 core processor, and 16GB storage. The ViewSonic LS700 is another good choice as 4K projector with wonderful features. But before you make your final decision, also check the 6 Types of Video Projectors for your better plan.

Primary Specifications

Below are the key features of ViewSonic 4K Projector:

Premium Design

It possesses a sleek surface that is made up of metal. ViewSonic X10 lets you set the desired height with adjusting foot. A sophisticated leather cover also comes with this UHD projector. Its sturdy handle makes it more portable than any ordinary projector.

Its optical system is made up of a premium quality glass that ensures extra sturdiness. Its brilliant airflow design can quickly dissipate heat whilst making very low noise.

Voice Controller

Feeling lazy and still want to enjoy your favorite TV show? No worries. This 4K projector has a voice control facility. Now with your voice command, you can turn on the projector. You can also control volume, switch the source, and perform many more functions.

This feature works via google assistance or Amazon Alexa. For your utmost convenience, this X10 projector gives you full control of the projector by voice commands.

LED Technology

A cutting-edge LED technology is used in this superb video projector. This innovative technology is free from lamps, mercury, and filters. It increases the luminance and color saturation by integrating green, red, and double blue light source.

It reduces your ownership cost by consuming less power as compared to a normal projector. This latest technology is there to enhance your viewing experience.


The latest HDR10 technology projects the maximum details of both bright and dark parts. It enhances the details by expending the contrast ratio and colors. This short throw projector is capable of reaching 125 percent of the Rec.709 color range.

With a 4K resolution, 3000000:1 contrast ration, and 2500 LED Lumens, it also features 1.07 billion colors. Thus HDR10 technology results in the best visual experience.

Smart Connectivity

This smart projector lets you connect various devices and get access to the required content. You can connect with PC, laptop, Macs, mobile, and a lot more devices. It also offers input options like USB-C and HDMI. USB-C cable lets you display contents directly from your smartphone.

Smart TV streaming is also possible with this HD projector. Now enjoy a lot of multimedia content from Netflix, YouTube, and other content providers.

2 Mode Audio

It aids you by proving you two audio modes of your choice. You can use its Movie mode for the ultimate cinematic experience at your doorstep. You are also free to use User mode consists of your preferred audio settings.

The Harman Kardon speakers provide a powerful sound and make your movie, and music more influenceable. These can also serve as Bluetooth speakers. Enter the new world of acoustic with the speakers and audio modes of this inspiring projector.

Reasons To Buy ViewSonic X10 Projector

Here are the top pros of viewsonic X10 projector for buyers:

  • The safety auto-off feature of this HD projector protects your eyes.
  • It is a durable projector as it wins the IF Design award.
  • The LED technology used in this projector enhances the color saturation and luminance.
  • This home theater projector can effectively display Blu-ray 3D content.
  • Its Frame Interpolation functionality minimizes the motion blur and projects a smooth video.


Setting up the X10 projector is like a breeze. It will also surprise you with its voice control system. Its autofocus and auto keystone correction ensures the best-aligned picture. Even if it’s placed near the wall, it can still produce big images due to its short throw lens.

ViewSonic X10 has all the fancy features to meet your needs. We have placed it at #3 among top 4k projectors of 2020. The ViewSonic LS700 is a really good opponent so don’t miss the review.

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