Sony VPL HW45ES Laser Projector

For a spectacular viewing experience, the Sony VPL-HW45Es home theater projector is a brilliant option to consider. It perfectly fits your space and budget. Sony gives you the facility to turn every room into a cinema room. All the content looks awesome when projected by this HD projector using nine picture calibration modes. It displays a picture as bigger as your wall with a maximum screen size of 300 inches. It possesses a cinema-quality 3D brightness to establish a spectacular viewing experience. Sony VPL HW45ES secured 3rd rank in our official list of 4K Projector 2020.

Technical Specifications

The Sony worths the name as there is a long list of features provided by Sony in HW45SE. Lets walkthrough the primary features.

Intelligent Resolution

With this intelligent resolution technology, you will get more colorful and detailed images. Over six million pixels play an important role in displaying a vibrant picture. 1920×1080 on-screen pixels give you a visuals taste of traditional theater. Savor the ultra HD visuals with this home theater projector and watch desired movies in brilliant image quality.

Motionflow Technology

With this brilliant technology, you will watch silk-smooth fast motion scenes. Motionflow creates and adds extra frames in the sequence of frames awe-inspiring on-screen look. By comparing key visual factors and then computing the missing action of the sequence this advanced technology creates additional frames. This Sony projector mimics and displays true cinematic colors.

Picture Calibration Modes

This video projector lets you enjoy every kind of content in breathtaking visuals. There are nine picture calibration modes offered by HW45ES. These modes include cinema digital, TV, bright TV, game, reference, photo, bright cinema, and two cinema film modes. To provide you with the utmost control, it also offers a manual HSV color tuning.

3D Transmitter

This home theater projector has a built-in 3D transmitter. A top-notch RF 3D transmitter is there to synchronize the 3D glasses with the projector. It facilitates you to watch enchanting movies like actually being there. This HD projector displays 3D movies faster and clearer. Now enjoy classic films in a completely new dimension and amuse yourself with premium quality entertainment.

Full HD Visuals

Innovation SXRD panel technology is paired with reality creation for desired HD visuals. This HD projector features a cool resolution processing system that is responsible for improving colors, texture, and subtle details. As a result, you can see a crispy picture in full HD. This video projector takes you closer to the original 1080p source

Spectacular Brightness

For a crystal-clear picture, this HD projector offers 1800 lumens brightness. This HD projector lets you watch images clearer and brighter than any other projector. Savor the premium brightness required for a high contrast screen. Lively cinematic images are displayed by a 215W lamp. Even in a well-lit room, it projects a perfectly rich and bright content with deep blacks


Thanks to Motionflow technology, now you can watch silk-smooth action scenes. Watch your favorite TV series indoor or enjoy a romantic movie with your partner under the stars. This video projector is ready to bring you a new fantasy world full of biggest, brightest, and clearest images. The overall performance and output make it 1st choice for most of the buyers.

The expensive price tag can be justify by the list of specs. But still there are one or two good rivals that fall in the list of alternate. Pick the Optoma CinemaX P1 as the top alternate with similar specifications. Also checkout the BenQ TK800M review as it is a decent choice within a good budget.

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