LG CineBeam 4K Projector: Smart UHD Home Theater Cinema

14K LaserYes
2Ultra HDYes
3Smart ConnectivityYes
5Home TheaterYes
7Home CinemaYes
8Cinematic ImageYes
10TV StreamingYes

This is an ideal home theater projector for your needs. Its brilliant colors will amaze you. It offers unmatched versatility. Used it on the floor, on the table, anywhere. This exceptional projector is able to make your room’s wall even ceiling into a screen. With the help of the auto Keystone feature, it automatically detects image distortion by without any guesswork. The auto reel cord prevents the cable from being tangle and makes it easy to move.

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Primary Features

Overall the LG HU80 is a top choice within premium range. Its outstanding features make it winner among rivals. Below are the highlights of the primary specs:

1. High Dynamic Range

Watch a high dynamic range of favorite movies and TV series in magnificent highlights with this LG projector. View all desired content in the best resolution from YouTube, Facebook, Netflix and more. Due to HDR10 compatibility with industry standard, it effortlessly supports numerous color gamut. It will bestow you with peak brightness, and realistic colors. So make your day special with this HU80KA projector by watching inspiring content.

2. UHD Resolution

An incredible 4K resolution is offered by this HD projector. 8.3 million Pixels make the overall picture clearer than ever. Even to a distance of 12.5 feet, the image remains totally clear and crispy. Compare to an ordinary projector, this ultra HD projector has four times more resolution. This is the ideal home theater projector for you as it offers impeccable precision and focuses on details.

3. TruMotion Technology

Thanks to the TruMotion technology, now you can watch action movies and sports in a crystal clear quality. TruMotion effectively improves the project’s refresh rate to minimize motion blur. Now you will have a perfect image quality with less judder due to this ideal HD projector. This technology plays an important role in improving the details and providing a premium quality viewing experience.

4. Cinematic Image

This home theater projector gives a feel of a truly cinematic image. It displays all the content in 4K resolution. So you can enjoy your most wanted content in vivid clarity. This video projector facilitates you by converting every wall even the ceiling into an extensive projection screen. The screen size is about 150 inches, which is more than twelve feet. With the ultra HD resolution games, movies, photos, and every content give cinematic vibes.

5. Smart TV Streaming

Streaming smart TV is a breeze with this 4k projector. Installing the smart TV platform is fast and easy. It also offers the discovery of your desired movies and premium TV shows from the most popular websites. For seamless navigation, it also provides a magic Remote controller. Convert your boring day into an entertaining day by streaming preferable smart TV content.

6. Brilliant Luminance

Whether its day or night, you can watch brilliant quality images in every environment. With 2500 lumens, this UHD projector is the brightest one. Regardless of the brightness or darkness of your room, you will have fun viewing desirable content. This wonderful projector can be used in a wide range of ambient lighting environments.

7. Home Theater Cinema

The built-in speakers have Bluetooth system to make your entertaining moments more special. This LG HU80KA projector offers clarity you demand. So buy this phenomenal projector and experience a thrilling home cinema you have been dreaming of.

Other Buying Options

The Epson 5050UB is also a good alternate to go for. As it cannot compete the LG but still it can make your day good. Other popular rival from a very famous brand is BenQ TK800M projector. Both have excellent result but a little difference in price tag. So don’t ignore BenQ TK800M too.

Price Detail

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