Epson 5050UB Projector: Specs, Price and Review

If you want an ultimate 4k theater experience then look no further. This Epson 5050UB UHD projector is there to bestow you with a mind-blowing viewing experience. It is the first home theater projector that can fully display three-dimensional color space for professional color preciseness. The 2600 lumens is there for perfect color and white brightness. It allows you to shift the lens both vertically and horizontally.

Technical Specifications

Here are the primary features of Epson 5050UB that are the reasons to pick it:

Resolution Enhancement Technology

This video projector uses state-of-the-art resolution enhancement technology. The pixel-shifting processor is responsible for this resolution technology. To process millions of pixels, it can accurately control the three HD LCD chips. Connect your mobile, tablet, laptop, camera, TV, or other mediums and watch desired content. So enjoy a sharp 4K viewing experience with this home theater.

4K Resolution

This latest 4K projector lets you enjoy a UHD projection technology in your room. For amazing colors, resolution enhancement, and image processing, it utilizes advance 4K pro processing. A compensation filter is also there to control the polarization of light and suppress the stray light in the signal. As a result, this video projector produces a phenomenal Contrast ratio of 1000000:1.

Three-Chip Technology

The innovative 3LCD technology used in this 4K projector displays 100 percent of the RGB colors for each frame. You have encountered rainbowing or other color brightness issues in other projectors, but it’s not the case with this one. It maintains excellent brightness while permits remarkable color gamut. With the three-chip design, you will now have hours of entertainment without any brightness issues.

Analog-to-Digital Processing

For smooth tonal conversion, it allows you an analog to digital video processing of 12 bit in real-time. This digital image processing assists you in reducing blocking, banding and other artifacts from visual presentation. With the help of this process, you can watch any content in exceptional representation. So with this home theater projector, enjoy whatever you watch in the premium quality.

Exceptional Lumens

Enjoy an outstanding brightness with this home theater projector. It can luminously display all of your desired content with its exceptional 2600 lumens. Both color and white brightness have 2600 lumens for an excellent HDR performance. It is compatible with an aspect ratio of 16:9 which can be converted into 16:10 and 4:3. It is well-suited with a 4:3 aspect ratio in full, normal, or even zoom mode.

3 Axis Lens

This UHD projector has a 3 axis precise lenses. These are specially designed for zero percent light leakage. For incredible image quality, these lenses have a precise glass structure and edge to edge uniform focus. You are also free to shift the lens in up or down direction on the vertical axis about 96 percent. On the horizontal axis, you can shift the lens to left or right about 47 percent. You can also adjust the zoom and focus of the lenses according to your taste.


This 4K projector uses all innovative technologies that result in a crystal clear image. You might think of its hefty price, but believe me it worth the price. With this UHD projector, you will have a theater experience from the comfort of your home.

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