Epson 4010 Pro Projector: Full Specifications & Review

If you would like to have an exceptional home theater projector that will exceed your expectations, look no further. Epson 4010 Pro UHD is the first commercially available HD projector with three dimensional DCI P3 color space. This video projector utilizes advanced technologies for color and image processing to deliver vivid visuals. We found out it a very premium choice if you want a real home cinema experience. Walk-through the Factors To Consider When Choosing Projector.

Key Specifications

Epson 4010 comes with dozen of premium features. A few most amazing specs are below.

Outstanding 4K Experience

The latest 4K resolution processing is used in this video projector to enhance your overall viewing experience. To process millions of pixels, this process controls three high-definition LCD chips. This new technology produces stunning sharp visuals. It fully supports 10-bit HDR to enhance your overall viewing experience and provides you cinematic visuals.

3 Axis Precise Lens

All the lenses by Epson are precisely designed without any light leakage. These precise lenses are designed from a 15 element precision glass structure to produces a clear cut picture.

After installation, you can customize the lens setting by shifting it to 47% left or right or 96% up or down. Focus and zoom setting are can be customized as per your taste.

Smooth Video Processing

For a smooth tonal transition, this video projector performs a real-time analog to digital 12-bit video processing. This video processing helps in eliminating the blocking, banding, and compression artifacts to displays a crystal clear 4k video quality.

With 16:9 widescreen having a maximum of 4096×2160 resolution you will get a video performance you crave.

HDR Color Processing

This UHD projector is equipped with a 12-bit color processing chip along with cutting-edge motion control. This is the first home theater projector that is proficient in displaying the three-dimensional color space.

The color performance as a 4K projector is 50% wider as compare to any 1 chip Rec.709 projector. So enjoy real professional level colors with this Epson 4010 projector.

3LCD Processing

Its 3-chip projector design makes sure to display 100% RGB colors for each frame. For mesmerizing 4K visuals, this projector features pixel-shifting technology. This technology controls three high-definition LCD chips and produces breathtaking sharp images.

So in combination, this pixel processing along with classy 3 chip architecture produces awe-inspiring color accuracy and brightness you desire.

Exceptional Brightness

This video projector is proficient in displaying an awful brighter image. It features 2400 lumens white and color brightness that delivers vibrant colors you love to watch. As a result, you experience an extraordinary HDR performance.

The contrast ratio of 200000:1 and full 10-bit color projects stunning colors and details in both bright and dark rooms.


Want to buy Epson 4010? Here is the list of pros:

  • Various cinema filters of this UHD projector bestows you with real-life theater experience.
  • For security purposes, this 4K projector has a Kensington security port.
  • For your ease, this video projector features front, rear, and ceiling mount.
  • All the images displayed by this home theater projector are free from any rainbow effect.
  • A quick setup guide comes with this HD projector to make installation like a breeze.


It is equipped with the 3-LCD chip architecture and enhancement technology that diagonally shifts every pixel to double the resolution. The advanced lens projects a uniform image and bright image without any chromatic aberration. Watch your favorite content from classy to blockbuster. Embark on the journey of entertainment with this projector.

The price range is suitable for Epson 4010 as it gives a complete home theater cinema experience. View the Epson 5050UB Projector review to get even more UHD quality display result. Both are our recommended projectors with a little difference among price.

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