BenQ TK800M Projector: Specification, Price and Review

For mind-blowing visuals, you can count on the BenQ TK800M projector. It offers a brightness of 3000 ANSI lumens. Its DPL technology possesses a sleek design. The 4K UHD 3840×2160 resolution features 8.3 million pixels for a single frame. It also contains vertical keystone functionality that adjusts the image alignments for a verity of locations. It doesn’t have any complicated installations. To make your sports moments more exciting, it has sports and football mode. BenQ TK800M ranked #2 in the overall 4K projectors of 2020 list.

Technical Specification

DLP Technology

A leading technology like DLP is used by 90 percent of cinemas in the world. BenQ TK800M projector offers a slimmer design along with a sharper image. Its DMD DLP technology avoids the alignment issues occur in multiple panels. TK800M generates sharp images with accurate colors. This home theater projector brings you the theater experience in such a sleek profile.

4K UHD Lens

With the 4k optimum lens now you can watch your favorite games in your room with precise quality. It can effortlessly project a 4K UHD 8.3 million pixel image. You can watch a vivid HDR colored picture in any lighting. For the utmost thrilling experience, you can also custom the football and sports mode. This home theater lets you watch a perfect picture with HDR for desired clarity.

Accurate Color

Its upgraded 4K color wheel provides vivid colors with nanometer-level color coating. To eliminate image blur, it possesses a refresh rate of 120Hz. With stringent controls, this UHD projector seamlessly balances the brightness and accuracy of colors. For real-life images, this HD projector features natural color mapping. Its color expertise balances the brightness for incredible image integrity.

Flawless Optics

TK800M uses notch quality glass to produce a super realistic image. For a long term 4K intensity, its lens array permits greater penetration of light. The chromatic aberration is also reduced with its low dispersion coating of the lens. So enjoy your favorite content in brilliant visual quality with the premium optical system of this HD projector.

Sports Mode

The sports mode is specialized in rendering realistic skin shades. This mode also accentuates the commentary for unforgettable sports. It emphasizes acoustic details like referee’s whistle, the struggling sneakers to bestow you with a real-life sports experience. The football mode elaborates the lavish green glass and skin tones for stunning big-screen projection. So feel yourself in the crowd as this HD projector will let you immerse in the game.

Audio Technology

It features BenQ CinemaMaster Audio having dramatic sound. For deep bass and enthralling highs, this HD projector is equipped with wonderful sound technology. The resonance chamber housed in this HD projector enhances a wide frequency range. The heat resistant magnet offers a melodious sound without distortion. Its exclusive EQ algorithms are responsible for a sensual quality sound. The enhanced audio technology makes your every moment more joyful and excited.

The Conclusion

This 4K projector offers superior brightness, vivid image, high contrast range, and much more. So enjoy a classic cinema experience as it will bring out every detail in your video content. Buy BenQ TK800M, as it is ready to bring sports to your living room.

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