BenQ HT3550 Projector: Specs, Review and Guide

If you are a movie lover and love dark environments, then it’s your destiny. With a wide range of colors, this projector showcase SDR content in the comfort of your home. For a filmic motion, HT3550 displays 24 frames for each second. This projector won various awards that testify its durability. Read more about Factors To Consider When Choosing a Video Projector for your needs.

Key Specifications

BenQ HT3550 is a masterpiece due to high quality and performance in all the factors. Below are the key specifications that explain the top features of BenQ HT3550.

Precise lens array

The optical system of BenQ HT3550 is equipped with a premium 10-element lens array. This lens array is well-organized with a metal barrel and cell framework. This outstanding 100p projector technology increases the light penetration for awe-inspiring color performance.

For long-term 4K intensity across the entire screen, this HD projector has an optimized lens.

Real-life Colors

To display an accurate image, this HD projector utilizes optimum colors. 8.3 million Pixels provide a magnificent detail image with superb clarity. The ISFccc certificate and supernatural ANSI contrast ratio ensure desired image quality with sharp and crisp details.

This home theater projector projects 95 percent DCI-P3 color space and displays a perfect cinematic quality picture.

Premium Display Quality

Effective HDR-PRO technology improves your visual experience. This exclusive technology keeps a balance between brightness and colors much better than HDR10. The improved tone mapping ensures a better contrast ratio and a more detailed video.

This HDR technology optimizes the image in a single step and offers incredible brightness. With this projector, enjoy a 4K video in cinematic quality.

Emerging Color Mapping

Unlike other projector’s oversaturated red and green color mapping, it has innovative color mapping technology. BenQ enriched color mapping technology unleashes remarkable visual having supernatural colors.

They project a picture that perfectly reflects lifelike colors. Its precious color rendition technique bestows you with a breathtaking visual experience that you crave.

Pixel Perfection

This UHD projector features 4K UHD resolution with 8.3 million pixels per frame. This projector uses the latest DMD DPL technology that enhances the picture quality by minimizing its body.

It has a compact profile that perfectly suits the modern lifestyle. It features four times the mode resolution of full HD. This 4K UHD technology ensures pixel perfection by reducing pixel blur.

Flexible Screen Alignment

With a compact and lightweight profile, this HD projector also offers flexible screen alignments. The vertical keystone function automatically sets the professional image alignment for a variety of locations.

Whether you place the projector on the floor, on the table, or anywhere, you will get a perfectly square image. This feature makes screen alignment like a piece of cake and bestows you with an ideally aligned image.

Top Reasons To Buy It

We enlist the pros below so better know before you buy.

  • BenQ HT3550 has six preset picture modes that best suit different content, applications, and room’s light.
  • This HD projector displays a razor-sharp image and has perfect motion clarity.
  • It is super easy to install with the help of a user manual and instructional DVD.
  • This 4K projector offers universal connectivity through USB and many other mediums.
  • In the hour of need, BenQ provides a three years warranty for parts and labor.


This video projector fixes incorrect greyscale in the dark images by tone mapping and displays a clear bright image. The dynamic Iris control and dynamic Black control are the two ways that deal with greyscale issues. It is an ideal home theater projector for Blu-rays, HLG content, and other 4K HDR content.

It’s short throw and 1.3X big zoom functionality convert every room into a cinema hall. Also view the BenQ TK800M review as an alternate due to the excellent features and premium class video display. Both are best at their positions with a little difference in price tag.

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