AAXA UHD Projector: Specifications, Price and Review

If you desire to get a 4K UHD projector that is easy on your pocket, then AAXA 4K1 is just for you. It offers true native4k UHD resolution. It also features innovative Texas instruments DLP technology. It is capable to project a 200 inches sharp and clear image with 1500 lumen. This HD projector has a USB port, TF card slot, and dual HRMI port. It allows various input options including HDMI, USB, laptop, camera, smartphone, and more.

Technical Specs

From HD visual to superb images, AAXA is all in one projector. This best budget pick is right choice for UHD lovers due to following amazing features:

Ultra HD Visuals

AAXA 4K1 projector features a native Ultra High 3840×2160 Pixel resolution. This UHD projector offers 4K resolution at such an affordable price. It can effortlessly project a maximum of 200 inches image having ideal quality. The latest 4K DLP imager technology is used in this video projector. It displays over eight million pixels that result in impressive picture quality.

Sharp Imaging

It is the SDR (Standard dynamic range) projector. This UHD projector displays HD quality visuals. Due to its powerful focus functionality, you will get a sharp image even with a less distance. The Quad-Cast LEDs projects a vibrant color picture. So watch movies, dramas, or any TV show, you will get an amazing picture quality with this HD projector.

Super Bright

You will be blown away by the superb brightness of this UHD projector. It can effortlessly handle more ambient light without any effect on the picture quality. It features 1500 LED lumen brightness that is powered by Osram Quad LEDs. The solid-state LED functionality of this video projector is as bright as an ordinary 2500 to 3000 lumen.

Smart Connectivity

This 4K projector allows you to connect the gaming console, USB, smartphone, tablet, laptop, camera, streaming box and more. These several supportive devices make accessing desired content just like a breeze. It is also compatible with Netflix, Hulu, and other famous streaming media. It also allows you to watch any video, music, and document with onboard media player from any input devices.

Versatile Installation

With less than 4 pounds of weight, it is an extremely light weighted projector. Its small size made mobility like a piece of cake. This portable projector is easy to carry from room to room. You can also take this tiny projector to your office or any required place. Place it on the floor, on the table, or anywhere without any difficulty. It can also be attached to your ceiling with the ceiling mount kit.

Dual Speakers

For an immersive sound, this AAXA 4K1 projector has dual speakers of 2 watts. These premium quality speakers provide room-filling sound for a theater-like experience. Whether you are watching a movie, playing a game, or listening to music, you will get an enhanced sound quality. Make your entertaining moments more immersive with this incredible home theater projector


It is the most economical projector that offers 4K chipset. Other affordable alternates are JMGO N7 that is little downward in specs but still cheap in cost. The Epson 5050UB too is also a decent choice to consider.

If you want to purchase UHD projector within an average price, the AAXA is one of the best budget projectors available to buy. Three cooling fans let it entertain you for a long duration without heating up. It ensures a long battery life for about ten years. So do not worry about replacing the bulb. This home theater projector delivers out of the world picture quality.

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