4K Laser Projectors

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Buy the best 4K laser projectors at the best starting price of $1500. All the top-notch models are well tested and reviewed here. A laser projector is an electronic device that projects alternating light laser pulses onto a screen in order to produce a moving image either for business or entertainment purposes. These projectors work with the combination of special components. One of the main components of the device is the laser beam which is produced by the laser light bulb. This bulb is placed in the back of the projector where it cannot be seen from the front.

A mirror at the front of the device reflects the laser light beam to the screen. The image that is produced by the laser beam is what is being projected onto the screen. The size of the screen is determined by the number of pixels that need to be projected and the energy needed to produce them. The lasers inside the device are responsible for producing the light. They work by emitting the laser light and converting it into electricity by means of an external magnet. This electricity is then transferred to the diodes, which turn the light into a visible light.

1. VAVA LT002

  • The VAVA projector provides perfect laser and Ultra Short Throw as it can beautifully cast 100 inch images from a 7.2 inches distance from the screen.
  • The highly compact style, easy installment and easy adjustment of the projections between 80 to 150 inches you are going to have a cinematic experience and enjoyment at your home.
  • High contrast, deep and bright colors, full saturation, and sharp image is what you are going to get from this projector. This is because of its 4K resolution with HDR 10. It consists of native contrast of 3000:1 which is comparatively high than a standard 2000:1 contrast.
  • The 25,000 maintenance free working is another feature of this projector as it contains 2500 ANSI Lumens of brightness. It delivers high quality color and image.
vava lt002

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2. LG HU80KA

  • HU80KA is another amazing projector by LG. It carries 8.3 million pixels. If your image in 12.5 inches still you will get direct and in-depth detail of the image.
  • This projector gives cinema experience at home as it brings extreme detail and precision 4X times the resolution of full high resolution.
  • It eliminates the need of worrying about the positioning of the projector. You can undoubtedly place it on the table, and move from one place to other.
  • This projector is going to change your room wall into screen for an image having size upto 150 inches. With this scale, you will get the real cinematic feel from photos, games, and movies.
  • No need to go in dark rooms when you wants to watch movie with projector. HU80KA projector accommodates 2500 lumens and considered as the LG’s brightest projector.
  • It works well even in rooms or environment having variety of surrounding lightning conditions.
  • TruMotion technology occurring in the projector which enhances the projector’s refresh rate in order to reduce the motion blur. It provides smooth and detailed image.
lg hu80ka

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3. Optoma GT1090HDR

  • This projector by Optoma contains DuraCore laser light source which provides lamp and filter replacements for almost 30,000 hours with zero maintenance requirement.
  • You will get awesome high-quality bright image and colors with this projector.
  • The HDR10 technology having 4K input provides intensified watching experience by enabling deep black and bright white levels.
  • The weight of the model is 13.47 pounds and measurements are 10.5 x 13.26 x 4.25 inches.
  • The GT1090HDR projector contains 300,000:1 contrast ratio and 1080p resolution. It is supreme at providing complete detail of the image without needing compression of down scaling. Get the every required feature of the image with this outstanding projector.
optoma gt1090hdr

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4. DELL S718QL

  • The laser technology existing in the projector makes it possible to enjoy movie and TV shows even in small rooms. Keep your projector 4 inches away from the wall for 100 inches of 4K UHD or position it at less than 9 inches from the wall for having 130-inch screen. It will work beyond your expectations.
  • With this projector you are going to have a clear picture with any shadow interference. You can place it close to the wall.
  • It is very simple and uncomplicated to setup the projector. There is no requirement of the additional cable attachments. You can scale it with the ceiling for more appropriate location or you can place it on the table. You are going to have complete, perfect and transparent view no matter which option you select.
  • As it contains lamp-free laser it makes things get done quickly. The good things is there is no issue whether the projector is warm or cool it will work perfectly.
dell s718ql

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5. Optoma CinemaX P1

  • The CinemaX P1 product by Optoma provides high quality cinema experience at the home because of its 4K ultra HD with 8.3 million on screen pixels.
  • It improves the viewing experience by enabling deep black and bright white colors because of its HDR10 technology and 1500000:1 contrast ratio.
  • You will get 30,000 hours of maintenance-free operation with this projector. It contains 3000 lumens of brightness.
  • The firm design of the projector saves space and comfortably projects 120 inches image from a distance of 15 inches. The ultra-short throw enables user to place the project near the wall and still gets explicit picture.
  • Another astonishing feature of the projector is its integrated premium sound bar built-in system. It contains two full range speakers, ported chambers, two woofers, and 40 watts of power. Enjoy the prime audio with this projector.
optoma cinemax p1

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6. LG HU85LA

  • The LG’s HU85LA acquires HDR10 with dynamic tone mapping as compare to other which provides identical picture quality. However, with this product you will get optimized high quality image.
  • The TruMotion characteristic accessible in projector makes it possible to get real feel and more fluid of the processing animated videos.
  • With this projector you will get three channel laser technology along with the additional red laser light source provides magnified color coverage. It gives better color reproduction as compare to projectors which make use of color wheel.
  • The HU85LA’s image warping function enable user to setup an effective, precise and aligned image by using 12 adjustment areas present on the screen.
lg hu85la

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4K Laser Projectors: The Official LPK List

VAVA LT002$28009.8 (105)
Optoma Cinemax P1$37009.7 (80)
LG CineBeam HU80KA$21009.6 (108)
Optoma GT1090HDR$14009.4 (42)
LG HU80LA$52509.4 (67)
DELL S718QL$29909.3 (55)